And the winner is…

Wow. What an amazing experience this has been. This was my first attempt at running any sort of contest anywhere and it has definitely taught me a few things. Firstly, its taught me how much good press can help. I think about half of the entries are people who know me and talk to me regularly on twitter, and the rest I think follow me on twitter. I had been hoping for a bit of publicity from CCP via the Eve Online Facebook and Twitter, but with the winter expansion having just been released, I think they were all busy dealing with that and the recent reorganization. However I must still thank CCP Navigator for organising a pair of PLEX for me to offer up as prizes, and thanks to CCP Spitfire for directing me to the petition system to make my formal request to CCP.
Secondly, it has taught me that judging a contest is hard work, and with a couple of late entries I was thrown some curve-balls, as even though the quality of all entries was high, I had a fair idea of what one was my favourite until I received the last couple of entries, which made it really hard to pick a winner. The minor placings were even more difficult as the entries were all really good.Thirdly, it has taught me that not all entries are going to be compatible with each other, and sadly, I am unable to live up to the part of the rules that said all winning entries will be incorporated into my characters back story, as they just aren’t all compatible. My apologies to those winners whose stories wont be part of my characters history. Have an e-hug as compensation!

Fourthly, it has taught me that having decent prizes is vital, I don’t think I would have gotten as much interest in my contest if CCP hadn’t donated the PLEX and I had gone with the original prizes of 100mil for first, 50mil for second and 25 mil for third. Next time I decide to run a contest I’m going to make the prizes even bigger! That way even without donations for other players or CCP people will want to enter. Fifthly, it has taught me that trying to incorporate these stories into my characters history is much harder than it looks, even with the convenience of my characters memory loss! Trying to actually come up with a plausible way for my character to suddenly remember these things is very difficult, though I do have one idea that requires some assistance from an outside party, hopefully they will go along with it, otherwise its back to the drawing board!
Sixth, picking a setting is very important. Don’t be too broad with the setting or you make it harder to judge the entries, as comparing them doesn’t work as well when the entries are based in a different setting, as was the case for my contest. The time period for my contest is so big that I have gotten stories from right before my character returned to being a capsuleer, ive gotten one from his time at capsuleer school and I’ve gotten a couple from before he started his capsuleer training. It’s really hard pick which one is better as they are all very, very good and are based in different time periods.

And now, the reason we are all here: its time for the winners! Drum-roll please…
1st Place: Kael Dorin – You win a pair of PLEX! Check your contracts! Thanks for giving me a name for my character, and his family! Kael’s Entry
2nd Place: Penelope Star – 100mil ISK will be deposited into your account, spend it wisely! Penelope’s Entry
3rd Place: Rhavas – 50mil ISK is yours! Rhavas’s Entry
Honourable Mention: Poetic Stanziel – Thanks for making me laugh with the story involving Mittens! Also Mittens might be trying to kill you, so you might want to go into hiding for a while. Or not, I have no idea what his reaction to this story was or might be! Peotic’s Entry
Prizes will be sent to the winners when TQ comes back up after Crucible, when I have had time to contact them and confirm which character they want their prizes sent to!
Sadly, I wont be able to incorporate all winning entries into my characters back story as they just aren’t compatible with each other, and in the case of Rhavas’s entry, I would be treading a very fine line and possibly stepping on the toes of official canon (even if there hasn’t been anything released publicly about it, I’m sure there is something written down internally. I will however publish all 3 winning stories on my blog as part of my Fiction Friday initiative (please contact me if you are one of the winners and don’t want me to do this, or have any concerns).

Finally, some acknowledgements, the people mentioned below all helped make this possible, and I couldn’t have done it without their help and support!

  • Thank you to everyone who entered, without your entries this post would consist of me crying about how no one likes me 😀 I hope you enjoyed writing your posts as much as I enjoyed reading them and if I wasn’t dirt poor I would give you all ISK!
  • Thanks Noise for hosting this on his blog, have an e-hug, you earned it buddy!
  • Thank you CCP for making such an amazing game with such a rich back story and amazing lore to draw from
  • Thanks CCP Dropbear and that other dude whose name I can never remember (might be headfirst, but I’m too lazy to check. Side note, you need to get a more awesome name like Dropbear!) for these awesome live events. The Arek’jalaan project inspired me to write some back story for my character which in turn resulted in this contest. The live events are truly amazing and awe-inspiring, and I cant wait to see what you have in store for the future. Long may they continue!
  • Thank you CCP Navigator for arranging for the donation of a pair of PLEX for use as prizes. I hope that player events like this continue to be support by both the community team and CCP as a whole as they make the game much more exciting and really show that even in a game with a reputation for being a cold harsh world there is still an amazing community!
  • Finally, thanks to all those who offered support and help with running this contest. The encouragement of my fellow players and of the #tweetfleet kept me going and showed me that this wasn’t just a stupid idea!

Well there we have it. This is technically my first ever blog post (I started writing it before I started my own blog, and Noise wrote the post to kick off the contest for me) and it hasn’t taken me as long to write as I thought it would, and its longer than I initially planned. It was supposed to just say here are the winners. I’m off to find a nice planet-side resort to relax at while I work on incorporating the winning entry into my characters history. If anyone has any ideas feel free to contact me. You can send a mail in-game to Darth Skorpius, or hit me up on my twitter account, @skorpion352. And I already have some ideas floating in my head for my next contest, one of which is completely crazy! I just need to find a way to fund the prizes for them. See you next time!


6 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. Great contest. I think it will help a lot to have a more tailored event for future contests; I was last minute because I took a while to find inspiration given such a wide array of choices. Kudos to the deserving winner and 2nd place finisher. I liked Poetics too!

    • Indeed. Poetics was a close 4th. It was really hard picking just 3 winners. And yes, the setting for the next one will be much more tailored and defined. I haven’t yet decided when the next contest will be as i need time to repair my wallet!

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  3. Hope we see many more competitions like this. They really get players involved, interested and thinking about the EVE backstory. In my opinion being creative is far more of an attraction to the game than dressing up characters 🙂

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